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Solutions Based Workshops for Industry Leaders

Industry Now is an innovative platform designed to connect industry leaders with the people and knowledge they need to scale their businesses, as well as personal connections. This is a competition-free environment, where ideas are valued and engagement breeds ingenuity. Our virtual platform is the first of its kind and designed to keep you tapped in while staying in one location.

Peer to Peer Networking

Engage and collaborate with thought leaders, and industry problem solvers

Idea Exchange

Brainstorm amongst the industry’s best leaders and facilitate solutions to your organization’s key problems

Real Time problem Solving

Candid conversations lead to vetted strategies from experts

Challenge & Debate

Through our round tables, live Q&A’s, pick the brains of thought leaders who are ready to share their best insights

Todays challenges

What may be a challenge today becomes an opportunity for tomorrow

Heightened exposure

Boost your brand and your presence by networking with C-level executives and thought leaders

Mixed Media

We use an integrated method of presentations, roundtables, and Q&A’s to keep our participants engaged in our virtual setting.


Look to other industry leaders to help solve your biggest hurdles, and lend your own expertise to another’s challenges.

How It Works

Our summit are easily accessible and connect you with industry leaders across the globe.

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Corporate Speakers

Forget being in a sea of 500+ attendees, only getting a glimpse of the chosen speaker. Industry Now strips away the sterile and disconnected environment of large conferences. Enjoy an intimate gathering of a select group of top-level professionals who are ready to share their experiences and triumphs.

Learn from various industry’s top performers and thought leaders through our virtual platform.