We truly believe that
Your Network is Your Net Worth.

IndustryNow is an innovative platform designed to connect industry leaders with the people and knowledge they need to scale their businesses and connections. These are events where ideas are valued and engagement breeds ingenuity. Our events are the first of its kind and designed to ensure the right ROI, connections and results.

The IndustryNow Difference

Small Gatherings Deeper Connections

When you’re walking around a conference with hundreds of people, it can be hard to grab the ear of the colleagues you want to speak with. At Industry Now, we offer a small group of thought leaders and executives who have both the time and the space to create meaningful connections.

Problem Solving

Industry Now connects a small group of industry leaders to engage in collaborative conversation that help solves each other’s current business challenges. We provide a virtual environment for you to stress-test ideologies and employ interactive case study discussions. Once our event has ended, you can go back to your office with an arsenal of vetted strategies and tackle your next project.


The core foundation of all good networking is meeting new colleagues with whom you can foster rich relationships. Not only is this advantageous for your company, but for you as a leader. There is strength in creating deep connections with other intelligent and successful people inside your specific industry and outside as well. Industry Now brings people together to help solve tomorrow’s problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to masterfully orchestrate dialogue around current challenges, so you can return to the office with new, pressure-tested strategies, which you’ve already benchmarked alongside some of the leading minds in the industry.

We understand that success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In order to stay competitive and to reach new heights, collaboration is key. Industry Now seeks to foster holistic, impactful connections and deliver the highest level of interconnectivity amongst all members involved.

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