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Solutions Based Workshops for Industry Leaders

Industry Now is a bespoke event organizer that specializes in bringing together like-minded executives to solve a challenge within their industry.

We know your time is valuable, and with Industry Now there are no sales pitches, no forced one-on-one meetings, and no awkward conversations. Our event brings together twenty top leaders facing a specific challenge to discuss, debate, and ultimately work towards a solution to that challenge

All of our forums begin with a single challenge faced by executives within an industry vertical

We bring together a cohort of industry leaders facing this challenge to learn, network, and benchmark with other like-minded individuals.

You will hear from industry peers and solution providers who have solved or are working towards a solution to the problem


You will also have the chance to to break out into working groups to discuss the challenge, the merits of the presented solutions and come up with possible alternatives

Each group will designate a leader who will present the group’s findings and hear from the other working groups


By the end of the day, you will have a better understanding of the challenge as well as a number of possible ways to address the challenge

Ultimately, you will walk away from the event with KPIs and a greatly expanded network