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The Leadership in hr, talent, and diversity masterclass

July 13th, 11:00am Eastern Standard Time, 2021

Equipping hr leaders with the tools and technologies they need to navigate their company through a crisis

Understand the biggest problems being faced by today's HR executives
Participate in interactive sessions and case studies to understand what technologies and services are available for you
Participate in problem-solving focus groups to share best practices and come up with unique and innovative solutions

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Your Conference Overview

Focusing on the most pressing issues affecting the industry the The Leadership in HR, Talent, and Diversity Masterclass, taking place virtually July 13, 2021, ensures HR Leaders are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to navigate their company through a crisis situation. Strengthen your company’s resiliency by expanding your expertise and excelling amid unexpected challenges.

This anticipated annual event brings together the foremost Human Resource experts to exchange information, compare challenges and realize success. Discuss, debate, and network with other HR professionals and innovative solution providers and learn how to tackle the challenge of an increasingly complex HR landscape.

Deeper Connections

Listen to the interactions between leaders discussing issues with one another.

Strategic Think Tanks

Take a deep dive into weighing the pros and cons of deferring a shutdown

Case Studies

Take an in-depth examination at what digital transformation looks like

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