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The Leadership in hr, talent, and diversity masterclass

July 13th, 11:00am Eastern Standard Time, 2021

Equipping hr leaders with the tools and technologies they need to navigate their company through a crisis

Understand the biggest problems being faced by today's HR executives
Participate in interactive sessions and case studies to understand what technologies and services are available for you
Participate in problem-solving focus groups to share best practices and come up with unique and innovative solutions

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July 13th, 2021

11:00-11:10 AM est

Opening Chair remarks

TBD – Walmart

Lessons learned while managing in a pandemic: Examining how organizations, culture, and people were tested in the face of a crisis and using these learnings to understand what the role of HR looks like in the future

11:10-11:40 Am est

Opening Keynote

DeRetta Rhodes – EVP, Chief People Capital Officer – Atlanta Braves

COVID-19 as a Catalyst for Change in Human Resources
  • How HR professionals responded to the challenge of the Covid-19 outbreak and helped guide their organizations through the pandemic
  • Understanding how the crisis has prompted many organizations to accelerate moves towards diversity and decentralization
  • How have the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of senior leadership evolved in recent years? What is driving that change?
  • What changes are permanent and which ones are not: preparing for a post-pandemic world
11:40AM-12:10 Pm est

Partner Case Study

Technology Adoption Done Right: How to Make the most of your Technology Investments
  • Strategies for aligning your employees and management team with your technological vision
  • How to gain buy-in and commitment early from your end-users and leadership team
  • Understanding how end-users will use your technology and designing your technology to meet those specific use-cases
  • Why technology adoption often fails and how you can overcome resistance to change
12:10-12:40 pm est

Focus Group Exercise 1



Building culture and driving engagement in a remote workforce
Celinda Farias Appleby – Director, Talent Attraction – Visa

The future of human resources: best practices in technology adoption
Kenneth Reeves Sr. – VP Human Resources – Performance Food Group

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning to drive better decision making in HR
Tobin Williams – VP Human Resources – ProMedica

How a modern, intelligent human capital management technology platform can improve diversity and help you become truly inclusive
TBD – Mercedes Benz

Focus Group 1

Focus Group 2

Focus Group 3

Focus Group 4

12:40-1:10 pm est

Panel 1

Reshaping HR to meet the needs of employees during a crisis

Celinda Farias Appleby – Director, Talent Attraction – Visa
TBD – Mercedes
Tobin Williams – VP Human Resources – ProMedica

  • Recognizing HR’s role as a driver of organizational change and innovation and leveraging HR as a source of competitive advantage
  • Understanding what employees from their employers and reshaping HR to better address those needs
  • How will our health benefits strategy change to reflect how we operate in a post-Covid-19 world
  • Why it is essential that, in the future, we include HR, HR functions, and employee benefits programs in business-continuity and emergency-response plans
    1:10-1:40 pm est

    Afternoon Masterclass

    Erika Lance – sVP People Ops – Knowbe4
    Leveraging Technology as an Ally for Greater Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
    • Recognizing the limitation of technologies and that technology itself is often biased
    • Understanding that despite these inherent biases, technology can also be used to improve inclusion and diversity and in turn improve bottom lines
    • Leveraging recruitment tools to mitigate biases during the hiring processes
    • Using technology to build inclusive cultures and establish transparent people practices
    1:40-2:10 pm est

    Partner Case Study

    Theresa Haskin – VP, Talent Programs and Change Management – JP Morgan Chase
    Carly Cooper – Culture and Transformation – Vianai Systems
    The New Employee Experience: How The Changing Outlook on Remote Work will Impact the Future of HR
    • Examining traditional perceptions of remote work and how these have evolved as we moved through Covid
    • What are some of the learnings from the past year are you actually going to keep?
    • How will you adapt to changing employee expectations around remote work?
    • Building a culture that fosters equity and advancement regardless of whether an employee works in office or remotely
    • Reimagining remote work as a source of competitive advantage for your organization
    2:10-2:40 pm est

    Focus Group Exercise 2

    Redefining hr as a key player during a crisis situation


    Developing an effective mental health and employee wellbeing strategy during a time of crisis

    Generating high productivity through training and total workforce engagement
    Jill Boone – AVP, Talent & Development, European Operations – Enterprise Holdings Inc.

    Leveraging diversity as a source of organizational improvement

    Moving from a collective to a personalized approach to employee management

    Focus Group 1
    Focus Group 2

    Focus Group 3
    Focus Group 4
    2:40-3:10 pm est

    Panel 2

    How to Develop a Culture of Learning to Produce a More Engaged Workforce

    Rachel Kelly- Chief Human Resources Officer – Smokey Bones Bar
    Laura Lee – Chief Human Resources Officer – MGM Resorts International
    Lisa Mulrooney Gross – SVP People – Fitbit

    • Starting at the top: getting your leadership fully committed to embracing a culture of learning
    • Recognizing that promoting and fostering individual growth will lead to greater productivity and will have a positive impact on the bottom line
    • Leveraging tools like training, mentorship, and job shadowing to increase job satisfaction and contribute to developing a culture of learning
    • Understanding the importance of feedback in letting employees know the value of their work and giving them the drive to reach new professional milestones
    3:10-3:20 pm est

    Closing Remarks

    3:20 pm est

    Open Networking