Virtual Masterclass


The Leadership in hr, talent, and diversity masterclass

July 13th, 11:00am Eastern Standard Time, 2021

Equipping hr leaders with the tools and technologies they need to navigate their company through a crisis

Understand the biggest problems being faced by today's HR executives
Participate in interactive sessions and case studies to understand what technologies and services are available for you
Participate in problem-solving focus groups to share best practices and come up with unique and innovative solutions

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Event Partnership

  • Your investment with IndustryNow includes our partnership in full.
  • This will be all of the research, planning, delivering and execution from a pre, during and post event perspective.

Partnership Fee


(+6% service fee)

What Your Package Includes

Dedicated IndustryNow Customer Success TeamDedicated Marketing Campaign
See someone missing from the audience or speaker faculty? We will always work on your behalf to recruit and procure your desired target audience. Included in your partnership is a constant client concierge service, this means your point of contact is available to you in your pursuit of business and flawless execution. Leave it to us to help with Marketing, connecting, spreading your message and maximizing your experience.Your experience and success is our top priority and we will do everything possible to ensure your message is reaching the audience in the most effective way. With only two sponsors at the masterclass this gives us ample opportunity to ensure that message resonates with the group as effectively as possible. Lets us refurbish and or redistribute your existing content to our audience and greater network of members (where there is relevance)
Content Consultation
No one knows your content better than you but let us help you with the delivery of your messaging. After all, we are stimulating the buying appetite of the attendees through our content and our engaged platform. We are available to advise and assist you through the multiple touchpoints of our masterclasses. 
Access to Investment Intelligence & Key Market Data
Say goodbye to forcing meetings and networking within the “hours of an event”. At IndustryNow we know networking and connecting should never be forced nor should it be limited to a few hours, this is why our exclusive platform exists. Our Masterclass platform goes live 4 weeks prior to the event where we will host an online forum to engage and start the debate. Gain access to all members instantly and connect, introduce your services, set up meetings and engage in the networking. 
During Event
Plenary (x1)
Competitor Free Access to all End Users
A targeted and uninterrupted 30 minute plenary address to everyone in attendance. Your stage, your message and your spotlight. This is your opportunity to share a case study to the wider audience, take a top level approach and reach everyone before interacting in a private setting. We absolutely encourage interactive Q+A and live polling as this will be your time to stimulate active participation.Being part of an event with only 2 service providers means that you effectively work the audience in a competitor free environment. Not having to one up your competitor with swag or with dynamic booth graphics means you can focus on what’s important – winning business. Besides, your partnership includes many different touchpoints and access to these individuals.
Panel Discussion (x1)
Moderate a panel discussion alongside 4-5 panelist members. As you are in control of the conversation, feel free to steer it into a true debate. Engage, challenge and solve the challenges in real time with your solutions.
Direct Interface with focus groups
Remove the lights, the cameras, the corporate presentations and you have our Focus Groups. It’s clear that good ideas and strategy evolve from informal, candid and off the mic conversations. There are 4 focus groups that take place twice a day, giving you plenty of time and access to understanding on the ground level where the specific set of challenges are. Be there to solve those challenges or use this to build custom solutions for your formal conversations.


Post Event
Contact Details and Key Market Intelligence
Need to follow up with prospects outside of our platform? No problem, your participation includes contact details available to you in both xls and pdf format. To supplement, we also collect detailed information around each participant’s budgets, spend, buying appetite, investment areas and more, we’ll be sure to include that in your post event recap package because we know business development and relationship building happens outside of our platform as well.
All created event material and content
As we create and or refurbish content for you during our Marketing campaign you will keep and own the collateral post event. We will never brand it with our IndustryNow logo so feel to share and market the info to your external audience
Afterclass concierge Service
Missed a prospect or need to take the conversation one step further? Feel free to utilize us post masterclass as we brokered the relationships with each and every speaker/audience member.


Custom Partnership

  • Your investment with IndustryNow includes our partnership in full.
  • This will be all of the research, planning, delivering and execution from a pre, during and post event perspective.
  • Since your carefully curated event will specifically be tailored to your messaging and your developed audience, the content will remain yours, free to share and free to post + market at your own volition.

Your Investment Includes


(+7% service fee)

What Your Package Includes

Dedicated IndustryNow Customer Success TeamPre-event planning and build out
Content ConsultationAudience Development
Access to Investment Intelligence & Key Market DataDedicated Marketing Campaign
During Event
Bespoke Event DayPlenary (x1)
Panel Discussion (x1)Fireside Chat (x1)
Hosted Chairs address (x1)Competitor Free Access to all End Users
Direct Interfect with focus groupsAll Networking Activitives 


Post Event
Post event contact details and dataPost event ROI and Metrics
All created event material and contentPost event concierge Service
Post event marketingPost event Follow up