Industry Now

Format of Event

Knowledge transfer

Summit confrence on December 2020 at WTC Building

What’s In It For You?

Our unique format is built upon a fully curated, full-day curriculum that surrounds a specific industry challenge. Through a mixed-media format consisting of unique thought leadership presentations, end-user case studies, debates, and round tables, the goal is to actively participate and engage in a real-time case study to identify, highlight and uncover the solutions to today’s challenges.

Deeper Connections

At Industry Now, we offer a small group of thought leaders and executives who have both the time and the space to create meaningful connections.

Real-Time Problem Solving

We provide a virtual environment for you to stress-test ideologies and employ interactive case study discussions to help solves each other’s business challenges


There is strength in creating deep connections with other intelligent and successful people inside your specific industry and outside as well.

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