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Company  Profile: 7shifts is a team management tool for restaurants. The intuitive platform provides oversight into every location in one spot and makes your team’s lives easier with easy schedule-making, communication, and labor tracking. Loved by restauranteurs and operators.

Areas of Specialization: Team management, scheduling, optimized labor, employee engagement

Products and Services:
Time Clocking
Task Management
Manager Log Book
Tip Pooling
Employee Engage
Labor Compliance


86 Repairs

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Company  Profile: 86 Repairs is the repair and maintenance management platform built for the restaurant industry. Our tech-enabled solution includes on-demand repair management and preventative maintenance. With 86 Repairs, restaurants have access to data-driven insights and 24/7 support to control their facilities, reduce their R&M costs, and spend less of their team’s time on equipment repairs.

86 Repairs manages the repair and maintenance process for more than one thousand restaurant operators nationwide, from full service and fine dining to fast-casual and quick-service franchises. Some notable customers include Boka Restaurant Group, Castellucci Hospitality Group, 4 Rivers Smokehouse, Peas and Carrots Hospitality, and quick-service brands like McDonald’s, Jimmy John’s, Sonic Drive-Ins, Taco Bell, and many others.

Areas of Specialization: Our team and technology provide a simple solution to all things repair and maintenance for restaurants.Our team and technology provide a simple solution to all things repair and maintenance for restaurants.

Products and Services:
On-Demand Repair Management: 24/7/365 support from our in-house team
Preventative Maintenance: Reduce downtime and cut costs through preventative maintenance
Actionable Data & Insights: We simplify your R&M data and share insights to maximize uptime and reduce costs



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Company  Profile: Adentro is a marketing platform that pairs with your in-store WiFi network to close the loop between online and offline marketing efforts.

Guests provide their email address in exchange for access to the WiFi, allowing restaurants to effortlessly build their CRM and subsequently develop user profiles, track visit behavior, serve targeted ads and emails, build audience targeting lists, and attribute customer Walk-Throughs™ to online marketing campaigns.

With the help of Adentro, restaurants are able to reduce the cost of acquiring contact information by more than 85% and increase the size of their CRM five times over.


Apex Order Pickup Solutions

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Company  Profile: Fast, contactless order pickup is more important than ever. OrderHQ smart food lockers from Apex let customers and delivery drivers skip the line and pick up their orders in seconds, while employees max-out throughput during peak hours.

OrderHQ solutions are powered by ApexIQ software, providing portfolio-wide data visibility of every transaction, as well as compartment availability, utilization rates, dwell times and more. And it can easily integrate with your existing digital ordering or kitchen display systems to provide a seamless, efficient experience for employees.

Discover how Apex smart food lockers solutions to make order pickup more efficient and profitable.

Areas of Specialization: Smart food lockers, software

Products and Services:
OrderHQ Smart Food Lockers
OrderHQ Flow-Thru Floor model
OrderHQ Flow-Thru Countertop model
OrderHQ Front-Load Floor model
ApexIQ enterprise-grade software platform



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Company  Profile: Bbot is on a mission to make operating a hospitality business a whole lot easier. Our innovative platform has all the tools merchants need — all in one place — reliable online ordering, reporting & analytics, targeted marketing, and more.

We know that every restaurant is unique, so we built our software to be as flexible as you need. Bbot powers the Friday night dinner rush, the weekend brunch reservations, and everything in between.

Areas of Specialization: Contactless order and pay for hotels, food halls, restaurants, ghost kitchens, bars, and breweries

Products and Services:
Online ordering and payment
First-party delivery
Reporting & analytics



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Company  Profile: Bikky is a guest data platform for restaurants. We break down silos across POS, online ordering, reservation, and loyalty platforms to give a 360° view of guests. Brands like Boqueria, Urbanspace, and Westville use deep insights in Bikky to personalize engagement and to 3x customer lifetime value.

Areas of Specialization:
Customer data platform (CDP), insights & analytics, data aggregation, marketing automation & attribution

Products and Services: 

Data aggregation
Pull in and clean your data across different operating systems including POS, ordering, third-party marketplaces, and reservations.

Insights & analytics
Understand your business’s performance – holistically and by location. See customer lifetime value, recency, frequency, and how customer behaviors impact the business over time.

Complete guest profiles
See a full view of each guest across all operating systems and marketing platforms, including email engagement, order history, and menu items ordered.

Easy segmentation
Create guest segments in under 30 seconds using 20+ guest attributes with and/or logic. Filter by first-time source, last time seen, most recent order source, and more.

Campaign triggers
Send email, SMS, and ad campaigns without spreadsheets. We’ll trigger your audiences automatically and show ROI. So you can focus on the creative part of each campaign.

Built-in data analyst
Answer questions and surface insights in the dashboard and through custom data requests to our team. Meet your owner’s, CMO’s, CFO’s, and COO’s new best friend.

Revenue reporting
See daily or cumulative revenue across all of your marketing campaigns or drill down into one campaign. Get an easy-to-interpret analysis you can easily show to your boss.

By-location scorecards
See how your business is doing at each location over time, including monthly change in: database size, average check, revenue, repeat guest rate, and 90-day spend.

Your strategy advisor
Access best practices other restaurant marketers are finding success with, and implement them faster with the Bikky team as your advisor and industry guide.

Real-time integrations
Connect into your operating systems at each location, pulling your data into one system of record that feeds into your marketing automation and measures revenue.


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Company  Profile: TBD

Areas of Specialization: TBD

Products and Services:



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Company  Profile: Established in 2017, Botrista (pronounced Bot-REES-tuh) is a leader in the beverage technology space, and the inventor and developer of The DrinkBot Pro, an automated craft drink solution for restaurants and foodservice providers. Knowing that many dining guests are moving away from soda, our mission to use automation technology to make craft beverages – like flavored iced teas, energy drinks, infused lemonades, iced coffees and more – accessible and affordable for restaurants.

While working out of a cafe our founder, Sean Hsu, found himself observing the baristas making milk teas and coffees during the lunch rush. As the line began to stretch, he noticed that the complicated builds limited the staff interaction with guests. Worse yet, he also observed many guests order water after perusing the limited drink menu and not finding an option. Sean, a entrepreneur and serial inventor, began thinking of how to automate the process, deliver a better experience and offer more variety to the guests. Leveraging his robotics background and his experience in liquid dispensing at Tesla, Botrista was born!

Areas of Specialization:
Craft beverages and menu pairings

Products and Services: Botrista provides beverage solutions to foodservice operators by leveraging easy-to-use equipment (our DrinkBot) alongside a line of pre-packaged ingredients (BiBs) to deliver a variety of craft beverages, including infused teas & lattes, energy drinks, flavored lemonades, iced coffees and more! Botrista enables brands to add a mini-cafe to their menu without the operational complexities. Operators can now offer high margin items without the investment in a full bar. Our system takes up just 5-sq ft and enables customizable drink recipes at the touch of a button. We automate the portioning, dispensing and mixing process to deliver a fresh and consistently blended product in under 20 seconds.


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Company  Profile: Bite empowers brands to provide a great guest experience through a suite of digital ordering solutions: from kiosks, web ordering and mobile apps. Our software is powered by a proprietary algorithm that creates personalized suggestions for each guest, ultimately increasing check size and customer satisfaction.

Areas of Specialization:
Digital Ordering

Products and Services:
Web Ordering
Mobile Apps
Drive-thru Ordering


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Company  Profile: Blanket simplifies operational workflows for multi-unit teams by digitizing task lists, compliance audits, and offering tools for food safety. Get visibility and streamline communication from front line teams to the corporate level. Automate and execute everyday work by converting compliance into engagement.

Areas of Specialization: Automated operational workflows for multi-unit, multi-tiered management teams that offers robust reporting and visibility.

Products and Services:
Digital Checklists
Compliance Audits
Facilities Maintenance
Asset Management
Inter-Company Chat and Communication
Food Safety
Temperature Monitoring Sensors
Food Label Printing.


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Company  Profile: The CMX1 Platform enables quality, safety, compliance, and operational excellence for many of the world’s best-known restaurant brands including Burger King, Chick—fil—A, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Checkers and Rally’s, and Firehouse Subs.
CMX1 provides a single, integrated platform with solutions for business process automation, supply chain, compliance, operations, risk, operational excellence, guest experience, quality, brand protection, policy management, brand performance, traceability, and auditing.
Want to gain control and transparency over your supply chain, consistently deliver quality products and services, ensure compliance, and drive performance across your restaurants? Then be sure to track us down and get in touch with one of our team here at the Summit!

Areas of Specialization: Supply chain quality management, compliance, operations, risk, operational excellence, guest experience, quality, brand protection, policy management, brand performance, traceability, and auditing.

Products and Services:
Auditing, Checklists, Assessments, and Inspections
Policy Management and Employee Communications
Supplier Relationship Management
Product Lifecycle Management
Product Testing and Quality Assurance
Incident Management
Recalls and Withdrawals
Document Management
Analytics, Scorecards, and Reporting


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Company  Profile: ConverseNow provides virtual assistants that automate and personalize restaurant orders from drive-thru, phone, self-service kiosks, mobile live chat and other high-volume voice channels. Our cutting edge voice AI technology takes limitless orders with remarkable accuracy, enhancing the guest experience while boosting staff productivity and job satisfaction. We’re working with some of the nation’s top restaurant chains, where we’ve boosted same-store sales by up to 30% and average ticket up to 25%, as well as added up to 90 hours of extra labor per store per month.

Our virtual assistants end busy signals, hold times and long drive-thru lines, upsell automatically, remember customer names and favorite orders, and help staff double their peak hour volume. We integrate seamlessly with your existing POS, drive-thru and phone systems, with no startup costs.

Areas of Specialization:
Voice AI
Restaurant automation
Virtual assistants
Virtual ordering assistants

Products and Services: Virtual ordering assistants, powered by voice AI


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Company  Profile: CardFree offers a comprehensive suite of mobile commerce solutions for restaurants, hospitality, and other retail merchants, integrated with nearly all POS systems and payment processors. Our platform provides end-to-end order and pay technology with both on and off-premise solutions, including merchant-branded web and mobile apps, Order@Table + Pay@Table, Text-To-Pay, Pay@Drive-Thru, self-service kiosks, order-to-room for hotels and resorts, and loyalty programs. All CardFree products come with best-in-class customer insights and a hands-on approach from our team with flexible solutions tailored to your brand, systems, and roadmap.

Built for scalability and fast deployment, CardFree products power hundreds of thousands of transactions each day at over 20,000 locations. Having deployed the two largest mobile commerce initiatives in the US, our team shares a track record of bringing innovative solutions to market.

Our virtual assistants end busy signals, hold times and long drive-thru lines, upsell automatically, remember customer names and favorite orders, and help staff double their peak hour volume. We integrate seamlessly with your existing POS, drive-thru and phone systems, with no startup costs.

Areas of Specialization:  From order and pay solutions, branded apps, custom loyalty programs, and digital menus, whether dine-in or off-premise, we ensure the safest, most frictionless experience.

Products and Services:
Mobile ordering and payments via merchant-branded web apps and native apps
Order & Pay @ Drive-Thru
Self-service kiosks
QR code-based ordering
Order & charge to room (hotels & resorts)


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Company  Profile: CrunchTime! Information Systems, Inc., provides a comprehensive restaurant operations platform that simplifies and automates restaurant operations. By driving the flow of information throughout the organization, CrunchTime ensures operators make timely, fact-based decisions that help brands reduce food and beverage costs, drive labor efficiencies, and better manage the quality and consistency of their foodservice operations. For over 25 years, CrunchTime has enabled restaurants chains of all sizes to scale efficiently and save money. For more information, visit

Areas of Specialization: Restaurant operations platform that unlocks your profit potential. Use us for sales forecasting, perpetual inventory management, automated team scheduling and labor law compliance, seamless e-procurement for your vendor supply chain, and much more.

Products and Services:
Inventory management and supply chain management
Labor management
Talent development
Insights & reporting
Partner integrations
Mobile applications.


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Company  Profile: Most IT departments struggle to execute multi-site technology upgrades and new store rollouts with unreliable service providers and multiple layers of outsourced labor. CUSITech provides a single point of contact to manage the planning, surveying, installation, and implementation with our nationwide skilled W2 technicians, so you can hit go-live dates on time and on budget.

Products and Services:
Low Voltage
Hardware Implementation
Electrical Services

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Company  Profile: TBD

Products and Services: TBD

Products and Services:

Grip Places

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Company  Profile: For Restaurants and Bars who have been relying on hunches and POS data to know your customers, Grip Places’ Machine Vision Cameras will tell you who your customers really are.

Different from other restaurant analytics products, our cameras are able to obtain demographic info like Age, Gender, Emotional State, Time on Site, and Customer Count and ensures that you are never guessing who your customers are today and how they’ve changed over time. You can use this information to make smarter decisions about your menu, when and how to run promotions, and when to lean in or pull back on marketing that is/isn’t working for you.

Further, we offer live streaming for experiential locations to bring in new customers as well as a ‘deals’ feature set in our mobile app that can dynamically adapt to your current customer base.

Areas of Specialization :AI, Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Customer Demographic Profiling

Products and Services: Machine Vision-based Customer Demographic Analytics, Deals to drive new customers (can be guided by with our analytics product), Live Streaming of your location, a consumer facing mobile app, and more.


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Company  Profile: TBD

Areas of Specialization: TBD

Products and Services:


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Company  Profile: Koala is an industry-leading platform that creates premium, customizable apps for restaurants to offer digital ordering. Koala serves your customers wherever they are, whenever they want, however they like – across web, app, and kiosk. Customize your ordering channels, integrate with existing partner platforms, and control them all through a single management portal.

Areas of Specialization: Premium web, mobile app and kiosk commerce experiences for restaurant brands that run Olo.

Products and Services:
Web Ordering Sites
Native Mobile Apps



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Company  Profile: Lunchbox is the modern ordering system for restaurants to grow their online revenue. We help restaurants ditch legacy online ordering platforms to start driving in-house orders and guest loyalty. On average, Lunchbox customers experience a 52% increase in same store sales.

Areas of Specialization: Online ordering, restaurant marketing, and restaurant tech.

Products and Services:
Lunchbox Rails



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Company  Profile: More than 3,000 restaurants use Marqii to save time, rank higher in search results, attract more guests, and learn what matters most to their customers. Through partnerships with 80+ online publishers, including Google, Facebook, Amazon Alexa, Yelp, and Tripadvisor, Marqii gives restaurants one easy place to manage their online information, menus, listings, and reviews. Marqii saves business owners time while making sure all of their hours, location, menus, pricing, and more are accurate everywhere a guest might search.

Areas of Specialization:
Reputation Management
Digital Operations
Online Menus
Online Listings
POS menu integration

Products and Services:
Automated online menu updates
Online listings management
Online menu management
Website menus
Direct POS integrations
Review tracking and response


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Company  Profile: Voted the #1 guest feedback platform in a nationwide survey, Ovation uses a 2-question SMS-based survey as a “digital table touch” that has redefined guest feedback. Through frictionless integrations with online ordering platforms and other tools, Ovation allows restaurants to easily resolve guest concerns in real-time, get more 5-star reviews, discover insights to improve, and drive revenue. To learn more, visit or email

Areas of Specialization: Guest feedback, reviews, and text marketing for restaurants

Products and Services:
Guest Feedback and Reviews All in One Place
A customer chat platform that allows you to instantly resolve guest concerns
Machine learning algorithms that inform you what improvement can be made on- and off-premises.
2-question SMS based survey that leads to 18x more feedback
Retention text marketing



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Company  Profile: From Tech to Table, Personica delivers industry-leading multi-channel messaging for restaurants and retail clients. Our mature platform was built over 20 years ago and continues to provide an easy and efficient means for clients to engage with their guests personally. Formerly Fishbowl, Personica brings vast experience to clients along with our powerful software to offer a best-in-class solution that empowers clients’ owned media channels.

Areas of Specialization: Email marketing, marketing services, POS integrations, Menu & Pricing Analytics, SMS/Text message marketing, Loyalty/Rewards

Products and Services:
Email, SMS, Offers (POS-integrated promotional closed-loop tool), Menu & Pricing Analytics Consulting, Marketing & Professional Services in support of our offerings.


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Company  Profile: Leading businesses across food retail, transport, travel and more use PredictHQ’s demand intelligence to understand the impact of events such as sports, expos, festivals, school holidays, severe weather and more to improve forecast accuracy and planning so they can adapt to the real-world with confidence. Domino’s, Uber, Accor Hotels and other leading global businesses use PredictHQ’s API or Web UI for dynamic, precise, verified and scalable real-world events data to adjust their supply chain, operate more efficiently, create better products and improve the customer experience. Founded in New Zealand with offices in Auckland and San Francisco, PredictHQ is backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Aspect Ventures and Rampersand.

Areas of Specialization:
Demand Forecasting
High-quality event data
Labor Optimization, Inventory Management
Dynamic Pricing
Event Visualization
Visualizations & Insights

Products and Services:
1. PredictHQ’s Demand Intelligence APIs – Make your forecasts and operations more real world aware with our APIs built for scale, speed and accuracy. PredictHQ provides options for different API access points to suit your needs, from a featurized API to build models faster to a granular event API for better explainability.

2. PredictHQ Notifications – Make smart decisions faster with relevant real-time alerts about events.

3. Web UI (Control Center) – Control Center is a central hub where you’ll be able to explore, search, manage and use PredictHQ’s event data in one place.

4. Saved Locations – Save time finding events and use the time to take action from the insights. Quickly upload your locations individually or in bulk into Control Center. These locations will permanently be saved in your instance, ensuring that you can quickly zero in on events happening near your locations to plan for



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Company  Profile: QsrSoft is a premier Software as a Service vendor, providing an ecosystem of software solutions to help our clients run their businesses and identify, measure, and solve their operations and profitability opportunities. Founded in 2004, QsrSoft has rapidly grown and now services many thousands of client locations all over the United States and internationally. While we specialize in the quick service restaurant industry, our solutions can be leveraged across any business in the hospitality space.

Areas of Specialization: QsrSoft focuses on providing software solutions to clients in the hospitality space, making it easier to run get restaurants. These software as a service solutions help them efficiently operate, digitize, analyze and optimize their businesses.

Products and Services:
QsrSoft offers solutions that cover the following spaces:
Back Office
– QsrSoft Inventory Management
– QsrSoft Workforce Management ( HR, Forecasting, Scheduling & Timekeeping)
Data and Analytics
– QsrSoft Reports
– Advanced Analytics
– Datapass
Operations Excellence
– QsrSoft Forms
– QsrSoft Equipment Management
– QsrSoft TV


Restaurant 365

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Company  Profile: Restaurant365 is the industry’s leading all-in-one, cloud-based accounting, inventory, scheduling, payroll, and HR solution developed specifically for restaurants. The R365 platform simplifies day to day management for restaurant operators, allowing them to control food costs and optimize labor costs. Integrations and open APIs enable Restaurant365 to connect with other systems including POS providers, vendors and banks. The result is accurate, timely reporting that provides a clear and complete view of their businesses. Restaurant365 allows operators to focus on what matters — their guests. Additional information is available at

Areas of Specialization: Restaurant accounting, inventory, scheduling, payroll, and HR.

Products and Services: Restaurant365 is the industry’s leading all-in-one, cloud-based accounting, inventory, scheduling, payroll, and HR solution developed specifically for restaurants. AP Automation and AP Payments as well.



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Company  Profile: Founded in 1998, Rosnet has grown into a respected leader in the restaurant technology marketplace with thousands of locations utilizing the company’s food management, inventory management, and labor management systems on a daily basis. Rosnet couples easy-to-use tools with world-class support to help restaurant companies realize maximum profits without the need to invest in multiple systems.

Areas of Specialization: BOH sales reporting, food cost management, labor management/scheduling

Products and Services:
Rosnet Power Center Reporting
Food Management
Labor Management
Payroll Integration
Accounts Payable Integration
General Ledger Integration



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Company  Profile: Tillster is the global leader in powering digital ordering, delivery, couponing and loyalty solutions, across web, app, kiosk and call center platforms. The company empowers restaurant brands looking to increase revenue, achieve operational efficiencies, and better engage guests. Enabling nearly 50 million digital orders per year, it offers the added dimension of integrated marketing and data mining, including proprietary AI and machine-learning tool. With teams in North America, Latin America, EMEA and APAC, Tillster serves more than 100 global and regional brands, including Burger King, Baskin-Robbins, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, Godfather’s Pizza, Jollibee and Pollo Campero. For more information, please visit

Areas of Specialization: Responsive web, online ordering, mobile apps, loyalty programs, kiosks, data science & segmentation, third-party marketplace, drive-thru, AI & machine learning, POS & payment processing integrations

Products and Services: Online ordering e-commerce platform, proprietary AI & machine learning recommendation engines, kiosks, personalized loyalty programs, mobile apps, data dashboards & guest buying profiles, POS & payment processing integrations, third-party marketplace delivery, on-premise technology


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Company  Profile: Trabon has been partnering with restaurant brands to organize, manage and publish menus and marketing materials since 1975. MenuNet®, Trabon’s menu management and publishing platform, enables location-specific menus and publishing across brand channels and the digital ecosystem. Manage all food, beverage, price, allergen and nutrition details from a single source. 214-914-9139

Areas of Specialization: Menu Management; Menu Publishing, Digital Menus, Printed Menus, Contactless Menus, All Print Production needs including:
Marketing promotional materials and point of purchase items, internal signage and messaging items, training, culinary and operations communication, training aids, digital content.
Nutrition and Allergen publishing and interactive display

Products and Services:
MenuNet®, Trabon’s API enabled menu management and publishing platform, ensures all types of presentations including QR Code/NFC contactless menus, digital menu boards, printed and online menus are accurate, correctly formatted and uniquely branded. Remain the authoritative source for all of your menu data and manage it from a single platform across print and digital brand channels.

PrintNet®, Trabon’s electronic storefront platform facilitates menu and collateral reorders, improves Local Restaurant Marketing with dynamic customizable templates, enables downloadable and print-on-demand marketing, signage and promotional materials, simplifies specialty and promotional item orders , and provides real time inventory tracking and custom reporting

Print Production, Fulfillment and Distribution: We offer our brand partners complete offset and digital print production and finishing for all menu, POP, signage, operations, training and HR materials needs. On-demand digital printing, variable data printing, kitting, fulfillment and inventory control are all areas of expertise.



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Company  Profile: Upside is a retail technology that puts restaurants in front of thousands of customers they’ve never seen, and serves those customers compelling, margin-bound incentives that change their buying behavior. Without any IT work, retailers offset rising costs and maximize net profit with new customers, larger checks, and repeat visits.

Areas of Specialization: Customer acquisition, customer retention, digital reach, personalization, data-driven results

Products and Services:
Customer acquisition
ROI driven marketing

Virtual Dining Concepts

Company URL:

Company  Profile: TBD

Areas of Specialization: TBD

Products and Services:


Company URL:

Company  Profile: Workstream is a Rapid Hiring and Recruitment software that helps businesses speed up the hiring process through texting and automation. Founded in 2017 in the Stanford Garage, Workstream has since helped over 10,000+ hiring managers optimize their hiring process. Collectively, our clients have sourced over 2,000,000 applicants and hired more than 200,000 new employees. Some of the major brands we work with include Jamba, Dunkin’, Taco Bell, Marriott and more.

Areas of Specialization: Hiring & Onboarding

Products and Services:
Applicant Tracking System


Company URL:

Company  Profile: Zenput is how top operators elevate team execution in every store. Restaurant, retail, and other multi-unit operators such as Chipotle, P.F. Chang’s, Domino’s, Global Partners, and Smart & Final use the platform to automate how operating procedures, public health and food safety protocols, and other key initiatives are rolled out and enforced. Supporting 60,000 locations in over 100 countries, Zenput turns strategy into action faster and equips teams to deliver on it. For more information, visit

Areas of Specialization:

Task Management. Whether it’s a one-time product roll-out, a monthly quality audit, or a daily opening checklist, schedule all the tasks that need to get done. Provide your stores the prescriptive guidance they need to operate smoothly, stay ahead of quality issues, and deliver great experience for customers.

Audits & Corrective Actions. Get real-time visibility into task completion rates, cross-store performance, and prevent issues from slipping through the cracks with automated follow-up tasks and resolution monitoring. Effectively audit your stores to create accountability and maintain high standards.

Incident Management. Gather real-time information about incidents from employees out in the field, automate notifications to alert management, and track resolution. Stay ahead of potential issues by empowering your team by providing an easy way to capture photos and send reports through their mobile device.

Operational Intelligence. Evolve your strategy and make informed decisions by analyzing employee, store, or team performance to identify strong performers and uncover potential areas for improvement. Explore trends to surface issues that require intervention.