Virtual Masterclass

1st Annual

Redefining Omnichannel and Retail Operations Masterclass

July 20, 2021, 11:00AM  Eastern Standard Time, 2020

Leveraging the ongoing and future crises as catalysts for change in retail operations

Discover proven strategies from leading experts to achieve retail resilience in uncertain times

Participate in interactive sessions to learn key strategies to managing your team and minimizing costs

Trade contacts with a multitude of experts during networking sessions.

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March 1st, 2021

11:00-11:10 AM est

Opening remarks

11:10-11:40 Am est

State of the Union

Digital Transformation, the Future of Retail, and Leading through Challenging Times
  • What are the key learnings from the past 12 months and how can those insights be turned into actionable plans
  • Industry direction for 2021 and what trends you need to keep an eye on to remain competitive
  • The role of leaders and corporations during challenging times
  • Evaluating and accelerating your Digital Strategy as we move to a post-pandemic world
11:40AM-12:10 Pm est

Partner Case Study

Back to Basics: Streamlining Operations to Enhance the Customer Experience
  • Selecting the right technology partner(s) for streamlining operations
  • Utilizing historical customer data as well as your workforce to accurately anticipate and plan for changes in all areas of your store and online operations
  • Assessing the compatibility of your legacy systems with new technologies to anticipate and avoid integration issues with new tech
  • Determining whether to ‘build it’ or ‘buy it’ based on your budget, the complexity of the solution, and your timeline
  • Determining when you need technology for “flair” or for function and ensuring to avoid tech that is advanced but doesn’t do much
12:10-12:40 pm est

Focus Group Exercise 1

Building an effective omnichannel network


Focus Group 1
Focus Group 2
Focus Group 3
Focus Group 4
12:40-1:10 pm est

Panel 1

Comparing High Performance Versus Hard Hit Sectors During Covid and Gleaning Insights


  • Key’s to success whether the market is in your favour or against you
  • How to build resilient and elastic organizations
  • How To Make Smarter Long- Term Tech Investments that are compatible through your Omnichannel Networks
  • Working with your front-line employees and store associates to ensure that the tech that you select is not only impactful, but also easy to operate and update
1:10-1:40 pm est

Afternoon Masterclass

Case Study on a Company who has Successfully Pivoted
  • Content TBD
1:40-2:10 pm est

Partner Case Study

The Power of AI to Improve Customer Order Fulfillment Efficiency
  • Identifying the challenges retailers face as they embrace eCommerce as a growth driver
  • Learning from the 2020 Holiday season and how margin pressures from online orders fluctuate dramatically during the holidays
  • Leveraging AI to anticipate demand to properly place inventory in stores and DCs, striking a balance between future demand and markdown liability
  • Understanding how AI will address the cost and complexity of fulfilling orders while maintaining margin and customer service levels
  • Reviewing successful examples of retailers who are leading the way with these new tools
2:10-2:40 pm est

Focus Group Exercise 2

Managing existing talent effectively and seeking out digitally savvy recruits


Focus Group 1
Focus Group 2
Focus Group 3
Focus Group 4
2:40-3:10 pm est

Panel 2

Not Fitting a Square Peg into a Round Hole: Creating a Harmonized Retail Experience


  • Ensuring that your channels look, feel, and operate as you need them to, while remaining in harmony with one another, rather than forcing them to offer duplicated experiences
  • Utilising Order Management Systems as a key to Omnichannel Agility, profitability, and transformation
  • Ensuring you select the appropriate KPIs to measure the success of your stores and online channels separately
  • Eliminating friction points that are impeding your customer’s journey
  • Encouraging interaction between channels rather than integrating them into one experience
3:10-3:20 pm est

Closing Remarks

3:20 pm est

Open Networking