Meaningful Connections

Industry Now is a bespoke event provider that specializes in creating meaningful connections between service providers and end users. As a solution provider, our team works closely with you to plan, create, and execute on an event revolving around industry challenges that organization has the ability to address. Our unique blend of collaboration, education, and peer-to-peer networking ensures truly meaningful interactions with industry leading executives within your chosen field.

Customized Events

The customization of our events means that each workshop and networking activity is specifically curated to stimulate the buying appetites of our end users and to maximize their level of engagement with your solution, product, or service. Events can be tailored to match up with your specific business development needs, whether your are actively looking for clients or simply trying to establish or retain market share within your space. We ensure tangible results by understanding what you need from the event and tailoring the experience around that need.

Trackable & Tangible Results

From the moment we partner to the date we execute on the event, our team is on constant standby to ensure we are bringing on the right end users, developing the right content, and delivering the results you need to justify your investment of time and energy.