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Workforce Management in Fast Casual and QSR Summit 2024

February 2024
Chicago, il

2024 Thought Leaders

Key themes

Labour Management

Wage Discrepency

Talent Development


Employee Experience


Diversity & Inclusion

Leadership Development

PTO & Employee Perks

Employee Brand

Culture Strategy

Event Experience

Brands Include

What to Expect

2023 Partners

2023 Agenda hIghlights


Using Technology to Fuel Massive Franchise Growth


The Three Pronged Approach: Taking a Deeper Dive into how to Leverage Digital Marketing, Third Party Delivery Channels & Partners and Digital Product


Leveraging TikTok to Create New Opportunities to Engage with Gen Z


Using AI and Machine Learning to Streamline Restaurant Operations


How Mobile Ordering Has Redefined the Customer Journey

2022 Feedback

I thought it was great! The happy hours and the burger event really brought people together.

Hannah Lopez, Bolay

Great – eye opening, scary at times, but exciting.

Nikki Rasmussen, Fuzzy Taco Shop

Thought the round tables were great, I made some good connections through those. Creating those forums for discussion made it easier to connect over shared challenges and opportunities.

Nate Weir, Modern Restaurant Concepts

Excellent! very pleased with the content.

Dan Sokolik, Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken

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